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Chronic sleep disruption can take a serious toll on your health. Dr. Nabeel Farah can help get to the root cause of your snoring or sleep apnea so you can live a healthier, well-rested life. Consultations are easy and can be conducted in our Dallas office or via telemedicine from the convenience of your home.

Are you struggling with snoring or sleep apnea?
We can make your dreams of a better night's sleep come true
Dr. Farah

Dr. Nabeel Farah is the founder of Sleep Medicine Consultants of North Texas. He is board certified in sleep medicine and is one of the country's leading experts in the diagnosis and treatment of snoring and disruptive sleep apnea.

Dr. Farah takes a highly individualized approach to sleep medicine. Disruptive sleep apnea, snoring, and other fractured sleep issues are often symptoms of other medical issues.


Treating the cause rather than the symptom is far more likely to lead to the long-lasting results you need for better sleep and better health. 

Texans Trust
The Texas Sleep Doctor

Dr. Farah is consistently recognized

on D Magazine's annual list of
"The Best Doctors in Dallas."

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Restless or sleepless nights and exhausting days don't have to be a permanent part of your life. Dr. Farah will help determine if snoring or sleep apnea are disrupting your sleep and work with you to develop an optimal treatment plan.

Take the first step towards the best sleep of your life by taking our short sleep quiz today.


Our beautiful office is located just north of downtown Dallas, and we also offer convenient telemedicine appointments. As part of your evaluation, Dr. Farah will take the time to discuss your sleep issues, evaluate your health, and determine what steps to take on your path to better sleep.

We accept most major insurance plans as well as Medicare.

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The Texas Sleep Doctor
Nabeel Farah, M.D.
Sleep Medicine Consultants
of North Texas

8230 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 711

Professional Building 3

Dallas, TX 75231

P: 214-739-1200

F: 214-739-1202


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My husband who typically refuses medical care of any kind agreed to see Dr. Farah for sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment. Now he sleeps through the night every night. I cannot thank Dr. Farah enough for his expertise!

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I found Dr. Farah on D Magazine's Best Doctors in Dallas. He was knowledgeable and friendly. His staff were efficient and professional and making an appointment was easy. It has been refreshing to visit a physician's office that is so well run and efficient.

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I've been a patient here for the past four years and I've always had a wonderful experience! They have been so flexible with appointments, which is very important for me. I highly recommend Dr. Farah to anyone struggling with sleep issues.

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I was a skeptic...but my APAP has been life changing! Appointments are easy to schedule and all my questions get answered every time. Dr.Farah and his staff really know their stuff...and I'm so thankful. I have energy and life back!

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Always a great experience visiting Dr. Farah's office. I have been a patient for nearly 10 years. The staff are always professional and friendly. Dr. Farah is as sharp as they come and always takes his time to listen to me at each visit. 

Well-Rested Patients

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